1. Providing a Text Slide Script
A text slide file is a text file you can create that offers text and/or bullet points for a sequence of individual slides in 'PowerPoint' style. This prompt mode is provided for those who would prefer not to read word-for-word off a teleprompter. It allows them to speak spontaneously, aided when necessary by simple text or bullet points. Please refer to providing a script for more general instruction on creating a script file.
Additonally, for the case of Text Slide files you must:
  • Add the suffix _ts to the end of the filename, e.g. myfilename_ts.txt
  • When writing the text slide show file, use the delimiter ### to separate out the individual text slides. As an example:
    text slide1 contents### text slide2 contents### text slide3 contents
    N.B. the delimiter ### is not required before the first text slide content or after the last text slide content.
2. Selecting a script
Go to the Menu icon (or device menu button, if appropriate) to activate the script import function. Select Import Text Slide Show to import a single script to the teleprompter.
3. Display Preferences
Navigate to the Menu icon (or device menu button, if appropriate) and select the menu item Display Settings. Here, you may select your display configuration. See Display Settings for more details.
4. Telescroller Bluetooth Service
Press the Bluetooth control button on the lower control panel to switch on the Teleprompter Bluetooth Service. This allows the teleprompter to be controlled by a remote device. If it is not necessary to control the teleprompter remotely this step may be ignored.
5. Text Slide Control
Use the navigation buttons on the lower control panel. Options are:
  • Press the Next button to advance to the next slide
  • Press the Previous button to go to the previous slide
  • Long Press the Next button to fast-forward to the last slide
  • Long Press the Previous button to fast-forward to the first slide
6. Status Panel
The Status panel is located at the top of the teleprompter view. The following items are indicated:
  • Bluetooth status - if the Bluetooth icon is present, the Bluetooth teleprompter service is switched on.
  • Language type - indicates the current language type. Possible states are
    • LTR (left to right)
    • RTL (right to left)
  • Display mode status - indicates the current display mode. Possible states are
    • STD (text right way up)
    • FLIP (text upside down)
  • Text Slide progress bar - indicates the relative progress of the Text Slide Show.
  • SLIDE banner - indicates the current slide in view along with the total number of slides available.
7. Changing Text Slide Show Font Size

Use the pinching technique with two fingers to either enlarge or reduce the size of the current font (N.B. font size changes performed in this manner can only be done in normal (STD) display mode).
Alternatively, navigate to the Menu icon (or device menu button, if appropriate) and select the Font Size menu item. Use the slider in the pop up dialog to set the required size.