1. Device Orientation
Select the required device orientation. Options are landscape or portrait.
2. Telescroller Mode
Select the required telescroller orientation. Options are vertical or horizontal. Some users may feel more comfortable with a single line horizontal scroller, and this option is provided for convenience.
N.B. The user may find that for some excessively long scripts, the horizontal scroll may not show all the text although actively scrolling. As an alternative, arrange your narration into a series of smaller length scripts. You can opt to autoload these before playing your teleprompter (See Telescroller Mode for more details).
3. Display Mode
Select the required display mode. Options are Normal/Flip/Dual for Telescroller mode, and Normal/Flip for Text Slide mode.
  • Normal mode displays the text the right way up.
  • Flip mode shows the text upside down (flipped). Use this mode when using a half-mirror device in front of the camera. In this mode, ensure that the device is rotated 180 degrees in order to see the text scroll the right way (N.B. Rotation is not required if operating in horizontal scroller mode).
  • Dual mode shows text both right side up and flipped.
4. Color Scheme
Select the required display color scheme. Options are white text on a black background or black text on a white background.
5. Display Margins
The user can select from the options 0%, 10%, 25% and 50%. As an example, a margin of 25% will provide a text display of 75% of total display width, with equal margins to left and right. (N.B. Margin setting options are not available for horizontal scroll mode)
6. Script Start Pause
Define the desired script start pause (if required). This is the time after the scroller is switched on before the text actually starts to scroll.
7. Script End Pause
Define the desired script end pause (if required). This is the time after the text has completed scrolling before it is set to the start position or, if in script autoload mode, the time delay before the next script is scrolled .
8. Manual Play Delay
This is only for use in manual mode - i.e. when the scroller is activated from the teleprompter device and not from the remote controller device. This is convenient if the user needs time to move away from the teleprompter position (after having started the scroller) and needs to relocate to some other position.
9. Save Preferences
Navigate to the Menu icon (or Menu button, if available), and select the Save Settings menu item.