Frequently Asked Questions

Which Android operating systems can Teleprompter Suite run on?
Teleprompter Suite runs on all operating systems from Android 4.4 (Kitkat) onwards.
Is Teleprompter Suite compatible with all Android device types?
Teleprompter is compatible with all handsets and Tablets running the minimum specified operating system. Teleprompter Suite is not compatible with Android Wearables and Android TV.
Is Teleprompter Suite RTL compatible?
Teleprompter is compatible with RTL (right -to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. If you ae importing scripts from an external text editor (such as Notepad), ensure that you save your file in UTF-8 format. Also, check your Android device for the languages supported (you can check by Languages and Input section of the Settings App).
What is Text Slide mode?
In addition to telescrolling, Teleprompter Suite offers the presenter a 'PowerPoint' style display option. This allows users to follow a PowerPoint-type text slide that has been prepared in advance - useful for users who do not wish to read a set script, but require prompting of bullet-points in their delivery. Any number of slides may be produced for the slide show which may be navigated through, either locally from the teleprompter, or remotely from the remote controller.
Does Teleprompter Suite provide a mirrored image for deployment in conjunction with teleprompter camera rigs?
Yes, Teleprompter Suite provides a mirrored image for use with camera rigs. This allows the presenter to look directly into the camera lens. Simply configure for mirror mode in the App, and place your device on the rig platform, display side up. For use in telescroller mode, rotate the device through 180 degrees if using vertical Telescroller mode or Text Slide mode.
Where do I find the In-App Help?
You may find the In-App Help by navigating to the Menu icon of the App launch page. Simply select the Help menu item.
Is Teleprompter Suite available on i-phone?
Currently, Teleprompter Suite is only available on Android devices.
Where can I purchase Teleprompter Suite?
Teleprompter Suite will soon become available on the Amazon App Store and Google Play.