Introducing Teleprompter Suite
The Teleprompter Suite Android App is a two-in-one bundle providing Teleprompter and Bluetooth Remote Control functionality.

Deploy the App on one device as a stand-alone Teleprompter (with autonomous control). Additionally, deploy the same App on another device in remote control mode to control your designated teleprompter device.

Ideal for creating professional style videos on social media, or up-and-coming alternative media outlets.
Features include:
  • Two-in-one App Bundle
    Teleprompter can be operated as a stand-alone device, or by remote control. Install and deploy the same App on two separate devices - one for the remote controller, and the other for your teleprompter device.
  • Remote Control Feature
    Control your Teleprompter Device with the remote control feature. A particularly useful feature if your presenting position is out of reach of the Teleprompter. Simply install the App on a separate Android device. Control features include
    • Play/Pause and Stop
    • Font size and telescroller speed control
    • Slide navigation if used in Text Slide Mode
  • In-App Text Editor
    Teleprompter Suite proivdes the convenience of a simple Text Editor for setting up scripts. Use this feature as an alternative to preparing scripts on a desktop PC and transferring them manually to the teleprompter device. This feature is particularly useful for those users who are able to connect an external keyboard to their Android device.
  • Multi Telescroller Display options
    Teleprompter suite provides the following telescroller display options:
    • Normal text display (text 'right-way-up') for reading directly off the telescreen.
    • Flipped text display (text 'flipped') for providing a reflected image from half-mirror glass arrangement positioned drectly in front of your video device. Allows the broadcaster to look directly into the lens of the camera.
    • Dual text display - normal and flipped scrolling shown simultaneously.
    • The user can choose between vertical and horizontal scrolling. Some users may find horizontal scrolling more convenient.
  • Script Autoload Feature
    Load multi scripts into the teleprompter. When one script has ended, the next script will automatically roll. Useful when the presenter may wish to take a break at designated points in the video recording.
  • Text Slide Navigation Feature
    Present your dialog in the 'PowerPoint' style by using the Text Slide feature. Simply prepare a set of text slides with your bullet points.
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) Languages
    Teleprompter Suite is compatible with RTL languages such as Arabic and Urdu.
  • Comprehensive Help Manual
    In-app help manual provides simple instructions on App deployment.